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I haven't always been an artist but have always loved art.  I consider myself a bit of a nomad after moving several times as a child and spending twenty-five years in the Air Force/Air Force Reserves.  After retiring in 2007 I began pursuing my love of art full time and earned a BA in Visual and Performing Arts from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in 2011. I've always loved the outdoors, particularly the mountainous west so when it came time to put down permanent roots I chose Lander, Wyoming.  Here I can enjoy many of my favorite pastimes - bicycling, hiking, camping and fishing.  


As you can tell from my favorite pastimes, I love the outdoors. This love influences my art. Flowers, rocks, birds or whatever catches my fancy finds its way into my artwork. I create using wood, stone, metal and textiles and portray my subjects in many different styles; realistic, iconic, and abstract. I love mixing the realistic with iconic in the same work.  My favorite point in the creative process is when the subject emerges from whatever material/medium I’m working with and takes on its own personality.

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